Having taken the fourth place in Samara, we are preparing for the season ahead

On the third game day of the President’s Cup of the Samara region Basketball Federation the players of Dmitrii Donskov lost to the host team of the tournament in a tough struggle.


Photo: BC Samara

“Samara” Samara – UMMC Yekaterinburg 73:64
Quarters’ results: 16-18, 21-10, 16-14, 20-22

UMMC started well the last encounter of the tournament and quickly reached a 10-point advantage. However, by the end of the opening quarter, “Samara” leveled its gap to two points – 16:18.

In the second ten-minute period the opponents completely changed places, with the guests now playing the role of catching up – 37:28. The teams showed an even game, and the situation on the court did not change much after halftime - 53:42.

The “Foxes” managed to stop the hosts, who were having the hot hand, only in the second part of the final ten-minute period, but there was no time left for bouncing back, and the final siren recorded the final score on the scoreboard - 73:64.

The highest-scoring players in the squad of UMMC were Anastasiia Shilova - 18 points, Zhosselina Maiga - 12 points, Elena Beglova – 10 points.

In the opposing team Daria Kolosovskaya collected 23 points, Yuliya Poluyanova scored 16 points and Lira Masedu earned 12 points.

UMMC, that took the 4th place, was the only one that beat “Nadezhda” with a significant advantage, which became the winner of the President’s Cup of the Samara region Basketball Federation. Based on the results of the tournament in the squad of our team Anastasiia Shilova received an individual prize “the Best Player”.

UMMC Head Coach Dmitrii Donskov:

-  The tournament was friendly, and it was important for us in terms of gaining game practice in the process of our preparation for the season. The main task for the tournament was to improve teamwork in offence and defense, using the players of the main team as much as possible.

We arrived in Samara after a hard training camp, where we did quite a lot of physical activity. And against the background of this load, we played three games in a row. The encounter with “Nika” was our first game since we got together and started preparing for the season. And somewhere we ended up being a little disorganized and not quite ready for teamwork. The second game against the Orenburg team was played very well. We discussed the opponent, the girls showed the character, and we won. But, unfortunately, playing with a short rotation under load is very difficult. At the moment we are preparing for the season with only 8 players from the main squad, and we wanted them to get more playing practice in these games. Therefore, we did not have enough strength for the third game. However, since it was planned to get maximum playing time for the core players, we completed this task. On the whole, the result is not that important now, but of course, we wanted to perform more successfully.

In the near future, we will have to work on integrating the arriving players of our squad into teamwork. Next week we will play two friendly games with “Dynamo” Novosibirsk, where we will try to demonstrate a performance that we will show this season.