The Genealogy of the Basketball Club UMMC 

BC UMMC is the successor of many outstanding basketball teams of  Sverdlovsk region. The history of the UMMC goes back to 1938, when a women basketball team Zenit was created at the Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery. 

In 1958 two women basketball teams - Zenit and Avangard (both teams belonged to the sport society at the Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery) were integrated and a new team Trud appeared. 


During the next forty years (1960-2000) its name was Uralmash, then since 2000-2001 it changed to Uralmash-UMMC. 

During those years the Ural basketball players being members of the National team of Russia won significant victories in the World, European Championships and Olympic Games. 

Ludmila Edeleva won the European championship in 1960 and 1967. Nelly Fominikh (she was  captain of the Russian National Team in 1968-1969) three times won European Competitions  – in 1964, 1966 and 1968. In 1964 and 1967 she won the title of the First in the World. In 1968 and 1970 Ludmila Shvetsova became  Champion of Europe. 


Olga Korosteleva (Barisheva)  was named Olympic Champion in Monreal (1976) and in Moscow (1980). Besides she is twice gold Prise-winner of the World Championships and four times – the Winner of  Continental Competitions. 

Symbol – the Fox – appeared in the middle of 90-th. The prototype of it was Olga Korosteleva – the best Club's player of all times (19 seasons in the team, during 11 years she was defending the National Team of the Soviet Union). She was considered to be the smartest basketball player in the USSR. 

Club received the UMMC name in 2001. 

From historical events up to nowadays 

Uralmash – UMMC 2000/2001

The abbreviation UMMC first appeared in the documents of RFB in 2000, when two industrial giants – the Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery (Uralmash) and the Ural Mountain Metallurgical Company (UMMC) consolidated having common interest – to create the strongest Russian Women Basketball Club. 

So the Uralmash – UMMC team was created. Its participation in the first competition of the new millennium was marked by some interesting events: 

• the American legion-player Angella White, center pivot, for the first time in the history of Ural Basketball took part in the match vs Aerouniversity (Samara) now CSKA on the 10th of February 2001; 

• on the 6th of March 2001 the Uralmach- UMMC vs Shelen (Krasnoyarsk) set the Russian and club-high  record – 136:37; 

• the new Super League team Uralmach – UMMC took the 2nd place in the Championship of Russia; 

• the RFB awarded Uralmach – UMMC with a special prize of the ten years period – the best summons results in the Championships of Russia (since 1992 the team got the 4th results the lowest). 

UMMC  2001/2002 

Since this season the team performs as UMMC, presenting the many of thousands body of the biggest in Russia Ural Mining Metallurgical Company at  Russian and international arenas.

The very first season of UMMC was a victorious one in the national championship. 

Чемпион России 2002.jpg

UMMC  2002/2003 

Together with the participation of 5 players of the UMMC (Diana Gustilina, Vera Shnyukova, Anna Arkhipova, Irina Osipova, Elena Baranova) the national women basketball team became  Silver Prize Winner of the Women World Basketball Championship of 2002 in China. One of the coaches of the team at the World Championship 2002 was Vladimir Koloskov (seasons in Uralmash - since 1939; as a head coach – 1992/93, 1995-2002, 2004; since January 2005 – the senior coach of the UMMC team). 


It was the most successful season of the team. The triumphal victory of the club followed in 2003 when the team UMMC became the women’s best BC in Europe having won the prestigious continental Euro League Championship! 

Due to Serbian specialist Zoran Visic (seasons in UMMC: 2002 – 2006), who was appointed the chief coach of the team at the end of 2002, UMMC became  champion both in  Russian championship and  Basketball Super League. 

The winners became the laureates in different nominations, awarded by the RFB: 

- Anna Arkhipova, as the MVP of the Super League, 

- Yolanda Yvette Griffith, as the best centre pivot, 

- Elena Baranova, as the best forward, 

- DeLisha LaShell Milton, as the Basketball League Miss, 

- Andrey Kozitsyn, the president of the BC “UMMC”, as the best Maecenas. 

UMMC  2003 – 2006 

 In autumn 2003 UMMC players - Anna Arkhipova, Diana Gustilina, Irina Osipova, Elena Baranova competing for the national team won the European Championship in Athens.

In September 2003 the Ural basketball players won 3rd Place in FIBA World Cup for Women’s Clubs in Samara. In the beginning of 2003/04 season DIVS Sport Hall Uralochka (capacity 5000) opened in Ekaterinburg. Its main arena turned into home playground for UMMC players and team memeber.

In 2003/2004 season UMMC won 1st Place in Basketball Super League Championship for the 3rd time in a row and added it to 2nd Place in the Championship of Russia and the first Russian Cup.

In August 2004 UMMC players Diana Gustilina, Anna Arkhipova and Irina Osipova playing for the national team won 3rd Place in the Olympic Games in Athens (Greece).

Обладатель Кубка России 2005.jpg

In 2005 team won Russian Cup (February 16-18) after it had defeated the reigning Champion VBM-SGAU from Samara and added 3rd Place medals in the Regular Championship and Super League Championship to the list of its achievements. By the end of the year UMMC Holding constructed UMMC Sports Palace – unique sport and entertaining facility (capacity 2000) that had ultra-modern game area flooring and additional sport courts for practices. New Sports Hall became the primary headquarters and a place for training and performing for all teams of the club. It was presented for the audience on December 7, 2005.It was the very day when main arena hosted the first basketball game. That time UMMC competing in the EuroLeague outplayed Hungarian Euroleasing (Sopron) 99:74.As for 2005/2006 Russian domestic season, it led UMMC to the 2nd Place in the home Championship. 

In 2005 in Vekhnyaya Pyshma basketball sports school for children and teenagers UMMC-Junior for the first time enrolled first junior athletes. Next year young Foxes successfully passed the first stress test and won the 3rd Place in the Championship of the Sverdlovsk region among girls born in 1994-1995. 

Olga Firsova and Elena Karpova as a part of the national team won in 2005 the 2nd Place in the Championship of Europe, while Karpova also added to her personal record the 2nd Place in the World Championship in 2006.

UMMC  2006-2008 

Prior to 2006/2007 season UMMC players won two medals in the World Championship in Brazil. Center Cheryl Ford competing for the USA national team won the 3rd Place, while Russian Elena Karpova reached the 2nd Place. 

In 2006 after the team did not win a single trophy club management decided to refuse from Serbian specialist Zoran Visic services. UMMC misfortune in the EuroLeague when the team reached only the play-off first stage and lost in 1/8 to decent Hungarian Euroleasing turned into one of the main reasons for departure. Czech Milan Veverka who used to work as an assisting coach in Czech national team and Gambrinus substituted Visic. Team roster suffered notable changes as well: Americans Cheryl Ford, Lindsay Whalen, Adia Barnes and Russian Maria Kuzina moved to UMMC. Club administration had also changed. Maxim Ryabkov was appointed as a new Director. The first games brought hope that UMMC was going to have a successful season. One of the inspiring examples was the first EuroLeague home game in Ekaterinburg when UMMC defeated the reigning Champion Czech Gambrinus. Veverka’s wards kept on confidently marching forward all the way to the New Year, but in 2007 this confidence and stability suddenly vanished. In the Russian Cup Final Four UMMC ranked the 4th and barely won a number of the Championship of Russia matches. Meanwhile European campaign once again ended in the 1/8 when UMMC was beaten by Euroleasing for the second consecutive time. As a result, Czech specialist left the team in February. Team was entrusted to Honorable Coach of Russia Olga Korosteleva who used to be Veverka’s assistant. This change on the coach’s bridge gave excellent results and the club became strong enough to overcome the crisis. UMMC finished the season on high note after it swept Dynamo Moscow in the 3rd Place game of the Championship of Russia. In summer 2007 UMMC players Svetlana Abrosimova, Oxana Rakhmatulina and Natalia Vodopyanova won European "gold". 

In the next season two-time EuroLeague winner and French specialist Laurent Buffard headed the team. The French had world-class stellar players under his guidance – Australians Kristi Harrower, Penny Taylor, Polish Agnieszka Bibrzycka and American Deanna Nolan who got Russian citizenship. UMMC also kept its cherished leaders: Cheryl Ford, Suzy Batkovic and Elena Karpova. This season brought UMMC 2nd Place in the Russian Cup, 3rd Places in FIBA World League, EuroLeague and Championship of Russia. 

At the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 3 UMMC players competing for Russian national team won 3rd Place medals (Svetlana Abrosimova, Oxana Rakhmatulina and Natalia Vodopyanova).

UMMC  2009-2011 

In January 2009 club management gave credit to Laurent Buffard and Jack-Yvon Moreau for one and a half years of work and bid farewell to both specialists. Later new Head Coach was invited to guide the club - Gundars Vetra. Dmitry Donskov, Olga Korosteleva, Marianne Stanley and Sabin Zhurais reinforced the coaching staff. New players with world-famous names and stellar reputation also joined team’s roster: Maria Stepanova, Cappie Pondexter, Candace Parker, Celine Dumerc and Olga Arteshina. 

Чемпион России 2009.jpg

In spring FIBA Europe awarded BC UMMC with a special honor and responsibility to hold the last Final Four in the history of Women EuroLeague competition and following up the event highly evaluated the level of the tournament’s organization and realization. 

In 2009 Maria Stepanova, Svetlana Abrosimova and Olga Arteshina being a part of Russian national team won the 2nd Place in European competition and two years later accompanied by Tatiana Vidmer changed "silver" to "gold" after Euro-2011. 

In the off-season new coaching staff changes were announced after club management extended its deep appreciation for successful cooperation and dedicated work to Gundars Vetra, Dmitry Donskov and Marianne Stanley. While being guided by these specialists UMMC won 6 consecutive tournaments at home – 3 Championships of Russia (2009, 2010, 2011) and 3 Cups of Russia (2009, 2010, 2011) and didn’t lose a single official game of all domestic Russian tournaments in season 2010/2011. 3 times in a row UMMC became the EuroLeague finalist (2009, 2010, 2011).

UMMC  2011/2012 

UMMC Ekaterinburg entered the following season with a new Head Coach - Lithuania national team coach Algirdas Paulauskas and assisting coaches: Rimantas Grigas, Olga Korosteleva and Sabin Zhurais. In the off-season, the club kept the biggest part of its victorious roster, conducted precise selection and signed the 2007 FIBA Europe Women's Player of the Year Anete Jekabsone and World Championship 2010 MVP Hana Horakova. After one and a half years away Belarus national team center Yelena Leuchanka also came back to join UMMC. Meanwhile famous twice-Olympic Champion Sue Bird conducted the stellar orchestra. In the end of the season as a result, UMMC won 1st Places in the Championship of Russia and Russian Cup and 3rd Place in the EuroLeague.

Победитель Кубка России-2012

UMMC  2012-2015

Starting from 2012/2013 season young German specialist – Olaf Lange headed the reigning Champions. Famous former guard of the Australian national team and Olaf Lange’s wife Sandy Brondello worked as Head coach’s assistant and "right hand". The team roster underwent changes and new celebrities joined the party – Diana Taurasi, Anna Petrakova, Tatiana Popova, Silvia Dominguez and Ewelina Kobryn. Working in Ekaterinburg the family "duet" had a brilliant first season. UMMC driven forward by number-one basketball player in the world Diana Taurasi made a classic hat trick and won the EuroLeague, Russian Cup and Championship of Russia (for the 5th time in a row and 7th time in team’s history). 

Unfortunately, one year later UMMC was not able to repeat its previous year success by all 100 percent. UMMC won European SuperCup, defended its Russian Championship and Russian Cup title, but was able to secure the 3rd Place in the EuroLeague for the 6th time in its history. 

In 2013 and 2014 UMMC once again hosted the final round of the competition between the best European women basketball teams - EuroLeague Women Final Eight. FIBA Europe officials gave a highest evaluation to the tournament’s organization and realization and named it the best in the history of the competition. In the off-season, the roster changes were minimum. Spain national team forward and FIBA Europe Women's Player of the Year 2011 and EuroLeague Women Final Eight 2014 MVP Alba Torrens moved to UMMC. The team retained its Champion of Russia title, won UMMC Cup and for the first time in its history celebrated 2nd Place in the EuroLeague. After the season came to an end one of the legends of Russian basketball Maria Stepanova announced her decision to quit professional career. 

Чемпион Евролиги 2013.jpg

UMMC looks forward for new 2015/2016 having renovated its roster. UMMC honored Captain Maria Stepanova passed her center position to Russian national team center player Natalia Vieru. One of the universal players Anna Petrakova also moved back to UMMC. The Ural powerhouse was reinforced with Evgenia Belyakova and Maria Cherepanova. In addition, Slovenia national team playmaker Nika Baric was also signed to number one position.

Чемпион Евролиги 2016.jpg



In 1947 the Ural basketball players for the first time became champions of Russia. It was the year when the team started counting its main achievements. 

The best success was reached under the practical guidance of the following coaches: Anatoliy Novicov (Bronze in the Championship of the USSR 1973), Galina Shalimova ( Bronze in the Championship of the USSR 1974), Vladimir Koloskov (Gold in 2002, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze in Russian Championships), Zoran Visic (Gold in Russia's Championship and Euroleague 2003, Silver in Russian Championships and Russian Cups in 2004 and 2006, Gold in Russian Cup and Bronze in Russian Championship 2005).