08/14/2023 “UMMC-Junior” will start the new season with the Berlin Cup

“UMMC-Junior” will start the new season with the Berlin Cup

29 teams will take part in the XXI Women's Cup of Russia, 18 of them will play in the Qualifying round in September and play for the Cup of David Berlin. At the group stage 16 teams will play in four groups. According to the results of the draw “UMMC-Junior” got in the group “B”, where they will meet with “Slavyanka-Chelbasket” from Chelyabinsk, “Enisey-2” from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Moscow “Runa”. Group matches will be held in Chelyabinsk from September 15 to 17.

The winners of the groups will advance to the playoffs. At this stage of the tournament the teams “Peresvet-SFedU” (Rostov region) and “Vologda-Chevakata” (Vologda) will also join the fight. The “Final Six” games of the Berlin Cup will take place on September 23-25. The teams that took the 1-3 places will continue to compete in the Russian Cup 2023/24.

At the stage of the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup, 9 more teams will enter the fight, they will play in pairs at home and away on September 30 and October 25:

“Nika-Luzales” (Syktyvkar) – “Dynamo” (Novosibirsk region),
“Nadezhda” (Orenburg region) – “Dynamo” (Moscow),
“Sparta&K” (Vidnoje) – “Neftyanik” (Omsk region),
“Samara” (Samara) – the winner of the Berlin Cup,
“Enisey” (Krasnoyarsk Territory) – the 2nd place winner of the Berlin Cup,
MBA (Moscow) - the 3rd place winner of the Berlin Cup.

The winners of the pairs will advance to the next round of the tournament - 1/4 finals. It is at this stage that the reigning champion and the Russian Cup holder UMMC will enter the fight for the Russian Cup medals.

In the quarterfinals the opponents will also play two matches each - on November 28 and December 18. The “Final Four” games of the Russian Women's Cup will be held on January 26 and 28, 2024.