UMMC advanced to the Russian Cup Semi-Finals after blowing out MBA Moscow

An acting EuroLeague and Russian Champion UMMC competing at DIVS arena in the Russian Cup Quarter-Final match confidently got past MBA Moscow and qualified to the Semi-Finals of the tournament.


UMMC Ekaterinburg – MBA Moscow 91:75
Quarters’ results: 25-14, 18-12, 23-28, 25-21

UMMC held the lead all the way along the match. The game outcome was made in the first quarter when the hosts collected a double time score lead by 17 points – 43:26.

The only bad moment that clouded the good mood was Raisa Musina’s injury that happened within one minute to play until the interval break. The player could not get off the court on her own; however, she was strong enough to come back on the court in the third quarter and finish the game strong with a double-double of 13 points and 11 rebounds.

According to UMMC Captain Evgeniia Beliakova the last minutes of the meeting turned into the toughest challenge, in spite of the fact that in the final period UMMC accumulated the biggest score advantage by 20 points:

- We faced a serious opponent in the Quarter-Finals, we expected a tough challenge and got the kind of game exactly like we anticipated. It was both extremely interesting and hard to play, especially during the last minutes. Nevertheless, we took and important win and keep on moving forward toward the Finals!

UMMC center Maria Vadeeva was phenomenal and showed an outstanding efficiency (49!). No wonder she ended the game with double-double of 26 points and 16 rebounds. Few UMMC players scored double digits like Evgeniia Beliakova who came up with 19 points and 6 rebounds, as well as Jamierra Faulkner – 13 points and 6 assists and Dayana Dinza Ernandes – 10 points.

Elizaveta Komarova posted 24 points for the visiting side.

UMMC Head Coach Miguel Mendez:

-We expected a hard game because we were playing against a good team, playing good basketball. I am proud about my payers, like always. In this case, I am proud much more because we had to play a lot of minutes, give high intensity for 40 minutes. For us it is very difficult to play in each competition without our leaders like Tania Petrushina or Natalia Vieru. It became even harder when Raisa Musian was injured in the first half. She was brave to come up back to the game to help the team to win. It is very important for us to keep the way we play, no matter if we compete in the EuroLeague or Russian league. Five players got double figures, I am proud about it also. It is very important for us to play like a team. I am glad about one of the important victories of the season.

UMMC is about to face Nadezhda Orenburg in the Russian Cup Semi-Finals. In addition Foxes are about to meet Orenburg once again in Ekaterinburg on November 21 in order to play a Premier-league match after the «national team gap».