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Broadcasting company "Author's Television News " presents the author's programs created in view of interests of the market and wishes of televiewers. The concept of the given channel is defined by the word "infotainment" (the information + entertainment). The basic audience consists of televiewers in the age of 25-55 with average and high earnings. This audience is the most active from the social and economic point of view.

 10 Years - in the Public Eye.
10 years – in the first five, that is regularly confirmed by numerous investigations. According to the latest inquiries' data, our broadcasts are watched by more than 40% of the citizens. Our metric waves signal is received both in Ekaterinburg and suburbs (+70 km). Reliable service area covers the audience more than 2 million people!
We are the part of urban culture. We have been covering life of our city for 10 years. The city is interesting for us – and we are interesting for the city. Many things in Ekaterinburg are connected with "10th Channel" – and our Channel has given many famous names to the city: people, who started their career on our Channel, at present manage some local TV companies, work on the federal television.
TV company "10th Channel" always chooses partners who offer their own, original view of modern television. We have worked with such companies as "STS", "Rambler network", "Mir", "TV 3", "Zvezda" и "Ren-TV". At the moment the TV Channel "RUSSIA 2" is our networking partner.
Russian fans can watch the most important competitions in Russia and abroad, get new information and commentaries of experts, watch translation of Olympic games, World and European football championships, hockey, track-and-field athletics, ski races, biathlon and water sports. "RUSSIA 2" also shows matches of football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, handball and other European Cup tournaments.


"Sportservice" is a leading specialist in organisation of sports events in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region: from school competitions to regular Russian championship and Russian league and World League finals of playing sports (team sports).
 Our team makes spectacular show by the best world sport standards.

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