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13.04.18 | Ryabkov: Raisa Musina must try her hand in WNBA

Moscow, April 13, Elena Dyachkova. Ekaterinburg club Director Maxim Ryabkov: -Russian basketball players Raisa Musina is worth trying her hand in WNBA. UMMC is going to support her, while she is having a new start abroad in a foreign league.

In the second round pick of the 2018 WNBA Draft Phoenix Mercury selected Raisa Musina to play number 9 Sandy Brondello who used to work as an assisting coach in UMMC for a few years coaches Phoenix Mercury.

Ekaterinburg club Director Maxim Ryabkov:

- I think Raisa is worth trying herself in WNBA. She is a strong individual player and capable of fighting for the rebound. It is important for the basketball player over the ocean. She is capable to be useful for the team even now; however it is up to her if she will sign a full-time contract or not. The fact that she made it to the draft and training camp is very positive for both her and us.

It is great that it happened this year when we do not have national team training sessions in May, when we do not have Eurobasket. There is nothing to keep her from going abroad and giving a try in the foreign league. No doubt, we are going to support her in her attempt to make it to the WNBA. Hope it will make her stronger and get ready for the best performance for UMMC.

Ryabkov also noted that it was an informed choice to take Musina to the draft: -She was selected by the club that is familiar with UMMC. Phoenix Mercury made an informed choice. Sandy Brondello knows well what is going on in our club. I am sure they will help Raisa to adapt. It was little time, but she played in one team with Diana Taurasi. Now she shares the court with Brittney Griner and in some game episodes make UMMC’s frontcourt striking force. This season is not an exception.

- Maria Vadeeva competing for Dynamo Kursk was also selected in the first round pick to compete for Los-Angeles Sparks. No wonder that Musina and Vadeeva became the youngest Russian players picked up at the WNBA draft. Usually strong and tall players are drafted first. It is long since we had young and talented front-line players. Therefore, it makes sense that Raisa and Maria were first to make first moves to explore this ground.


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