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16.12.17 | Thank You Very Much, Diana!

Today is the day to say “Thank you very much” from the bottom of our heart to a person, whose contribution to the success and history of basketball club UMMC can hardly be described in any words.

So, we simply say – Thank You Very Much, Diana!

You became the heart and soul of our club and our city! To watch your fantastic, passionate play live, over so many years has been true happiness for our fans and supporters! To work with you, Diana, sharing our common goals and pursuing them with conviction was an honor and privilege for us – for all the UMMC teammates who were empowered by your warmth and inspired by your example to achievements that seemed impossible at first glance!

Now the moment has come when it is necessary to take care of the things, without which basketball and life as a whole would be unthinkable – about health and about family. We share those values with you and say goodbye and thank you with only the best wishes for you and your future.

You are taking away a piece of our heart and our soul! But we are grateful that a piece of you will always be here with us!

We will miss you! And we will hope to meet you again!

UMMC Ekaterinburg

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