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18.03.19 | UMMC opened the Quarter-Final series score

An acting domestic and EuroLeague Champion UMMC kicked off the Championship of Russia play-off series. In Game 1 of the Quarter-Final series Ekaterinburg took down local Dynamo in Novosibirsk making the score of the series 1:0.

Dynamo Novosibirsk region – UMMC Ekaterinburg  53:95
Quarters' results: 10-28, 13-25, 19-20, 11-22

Since the first minutes, UMMC put the game under total control. Ekaterinburg coaches had an opportunity to let 9 of 12 players on court in the first period. The possible match outcome became even more evident after first 10 minutes with 28:10 figures on the scoreboard. By the time of the interval, the gap widened twice and the figures on the scoreboard shined like defeat sentence to the ream from Novosibirsk – 53:23.

Each UMMC player came out on court and used her smarts and skills to boost the statistics. It was Elena Beglova who came up with the most fascinating moment when she made a brilliant long-range buzzer-beater in the end of the first quarter. UMMC center made the big shot down the opponents net without crossing the central line.

The disposition did not change after the interval break. Good level of cooperation in defense allowed the Foxes to pay more attention to offense and Ekaterinburg used this opportunity to gather few great fast breaks. The opponent was outrun, taken down, exhausted and as a result made 26 technical fouls.

UMMC enacted its tall and powerful players and the host had a hard time competing against them under the boards. Our team was faster and prevailed in rebounds: 47 to 35.

Foxes worked through the tall players who felt comfortable in the perimeter of the «white-blues». The «orange» front line was leading the show during the whole game and no wonder UMMC center players harvested the biggest stats. Brittney Griner made a 22-point contribution, while Maria Vadeeva ended up with a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Novosibirsk players were not tall enough and the only argument that might be effective against UMMC was precise long-range shooting. Indeed the «white-blues» had 9 successful triple shots. Victoria Cheren scored made 3 shots as well as Diana Fedotova who also made 3 shots and eventually combined scored a bull of team points. However taking into account low 2-point shooting percentage and missed free throws good downtown shooting was not enough to win that match.

Miguel Mendez’s team celebrated a confident win in Game 1 of the Quarter-Final best of three games series – 95:53 and finished the game scored - 1:0. For now the competition moves to Ekaterinburg. Game 2 will be played on March 24 at DIVS arena. The match starts at 17:00. In case if might be necessary Game 3 will also take place in Ekaterinburg on March 25.

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