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06.02.19 | UMMC took fifteenth success against Bourges Basket

For over 16 years of battles on the court, UMMC played 20 matches against Bourges Basket and ended up 15 games on top celebrating wins. A couple of years ago UMMC lacked one triple to collected a full-time hundred in an on the road game in France against the local team (63:97). In the ongoing season, the first meeting of the teams ended only in the overtime when Ekaterinburg successfully got past the French opponent (74:70). Game two in Ekaterinburg promised good intrigue and the game was broadcasted live on the main Russian sports channel «Match! TV».

UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russia) – Bourges Basket (France) 70:65
Quarters’ results: 15-12, 21-16, 16-18, 18-19

The game in Ekaterinburg was a true battle. Since the stunning start and all the way to the final buzzer an acting Champion captured the initiative and held the game under control. UMMC was stronger in the first half and proved it the second half by collecting un the third time period a double-figure score advantage of 11 points – 41:30.

However, the opponent also did a great job and was worth the best credits for the effort. Oliver Lafargue team tried up to keep up with the Champion for all 40 minutes, but it did not work the way the French side planned – 70:65.

UMMC forward Kayla McBride ended up making top 17 points and 4 assists for the home side. Brittney Griner added 16 points and 12 rebounds. Maria Vadeeva and Courtney Vandersloot each made an 11-point contribution.

Katherine Plouffe shot 16 points for the French team. After 12 EuroLeague games UMMC is the only team that tops Group A standings.

UMMC player Maria Vadeeva:

- It was a good and interesting game. Thank you to Bourges for great defense and true attitude. We were stronger, because we showed good team game, moved the ball well and we came on top.

UMMC Head Coach Miguel Mendez:

- Congratulation to Bourges. They have 3 important players out of the game. They played a great match, controlled the rhythm of the game, and were fighting during 40 minutes. We are happy to win a game after our first loss. It is not easy to play for the team like us with a goal to win every game, it is not easy to come back to the victory. This was the first goal and we are happy for it. It is true that now we have to recover our way to play.

We are not comfortable in the rhythm of the game with 24 seconds per offense and low score in the game. We prefer to run, to play dynamic. I think tonight we lost the rhythm battle. We have to recover this. I know that it is impossible to keep the same shape moment during the whole season. It is very difficult to play to win every game. Or play with long rotation of the players. Or play like a show every game. Therefore, we have to pass this moment and we have to work to recover our game.

- Alba Torrens returned on court tonight. What do you think about the way she played?

- She was anxious; she wanted to win, to give possible things to the team. In the last moments of the game she took two or three shots in a row and for this kind of game we have to play one point up or one point down. It was a tough game in the last minutes, she has necessary experience and she knows well how to play. She has to keep going, keep on working.

- Kayla McBride played 37 and half minutes tonight. Can we say that in the most important games there is no substitute for her?

- We have substitution. Evgeniia Belyakova made a great job in defense. She is our scorer, our strong player who make good shots. Tonight I decided to take short rotations, not usually we use 11 players, all the players of the roster tonight. In this kind of games, I think it is better to do short rotations.

UMMC is having the next game on February 10 in Moscow competing in the next game of the domestic championship against MBA Moscow.

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