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25.11.18 | UMMC competing in Ekaterinburg crushed MBA Moscow

In round six of the Russian Premier-league an acting domestic and EuroLeague Champion UMMC competing at home at DIVS arena eased to an ultimate win against MBA.

UMMC Ekaterinburg – MBA Moscow 115:39
Quarters’ results: 33-15, 22-10, 23-11, 37-3

The opponents kicked-off the first period riding up and down the roller coaster. Neither of the teams was strong enough to overpower the opponent. After 4 minutes, the leader changed 5 times. UMMC made the first attempt to swing the pendulum down the home side when Raisa Musina came up with a precise triple – 12:10. An outstanding performance posted by Brittney Griner who scored 7 points prior to the end of the first quarter allowed UMMC to break away. Alba Torrens and Kayla McBride combined made their 10-point contribution. On the other hand, the opponents were able to answer with only 5 points – 33:15. It turned out that the first period was the most efficient time for Alexander Diratsuyan’s team.

For the next three quarters, it was Miguel Mendez’s team to run the show on court. UMMC reinforced its defense and focused on offense acting almost flawless. Foxes were dominating both in the paint and on boards and by the time of the interval gathered a double-time score advantage – 55:25. The second half turned into routine. UMMC rolled over the opponent and prevailed with a convincing score – 60:14. Eventually UMMC came on top and celebrated another comprehensive win – 115:39.

UMMC center Brittney Griner was heroic and came up with double-double – 21 points and 12 rebounds. Maria Vadeeva also collected her own double-double – 16 points and 12 rebounds. Few players added double digits: Kayla McBride scored 19 points, Alba Torrens added 14 points, Natalia Vieru ended with 14 points.

The quests answered with 8 points from Ekaterina Sytnyak and 8 points from Maria Toropova.

After 6 rounds UMMC demonstrated one hundred percent result and top the Premier-league standings.

UMMC Head Coach Miguel Mendez:

- This was not easy game in the beginning because we had a break for the national team games and our six Russian players had two very difficult weeks, two tough games. On the other hand, we had four or five our important players having rest for two weeks. We had to try to find balance today during the game, because the players need minutes to be ready for the next game. I am happy with the team, with the anxiety that we had today. For us every minute is important and it does not depend on score, on the other team or on the referees. It depends on our job. We want to play good basketball every minute and every game. That is what we try to do. We have different goals and one of the most important goals is to be ready for the next game. We have a very important game in December and we have to be ready not only in the physical way, but also in a mental way.

- You come a lot to look at the junior team games, there are some possible basketball stars that will shine in the future. Do you see Aleksandra Ivanova in the main senior team?

- It is not easy for them. I think Liza, Sabina, Sasha and some other players can play like professionals. I do not know if it is going to be in our team, because out team is top-level. It is very difficult to find one free space. I have interest and I think UMMC like club is also very interested to put our young players to play in the first team. We have good staff and all of us including the first team; everybody is ready to have these young players.

- How are you getting ready for the game on Wednesday against USK Praha? What kind of surprises can we expect from this team?

- Surprises, I do not know. I have to talk with my staff. We are ready to play, after two weeks break nobody knows how it is going to be. We have to be ready to play against a very good team. They are playing good. However, this December we have to go to France to play against Bourges, Italy, Orenburg, Kursk, and Krasnoyarsk. We have complete and tough December, so we have to ready for everything that might happen.

UMMC is having the next EuroLeague Women group round game on November 28 in Ekaterinburg against USK from Prague.

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