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08.03.18 | «No time for slack». How Foxes from UMMC celebrate 8 March

Do sportswomen have time for relations with men and where the Ural top basketball club players will celebrate an International Women's Day. All details in URAL.AIF.RU.

The March 8 is coming soon. It is an international holiday when women all over the world get gifts, congratulations and flowers. The representatives of the fair sex in the world of sports are no exception. However, in an endless series of tournaments, trainings, and trips between the cities do they get any free time in order to celebrate an International Women's Day and have personal romantic life? UMMC youngest basketball player -19-year-old Raisa Musina shared her vision with URAL.AIF.RU.

«No need to make epic gifts»

- Raisa, do you have a day-off on March 8?

- Most of the times we have trainings this day. However, this year it happened so that on March 7 we are having a game in Prague and on March 8 we are coming back to Ekaterinburg, thus March 8 will be a day-off. However, in case we have a training this day there will be no time for slack. We never have «easy» trainings no matter if it is a holiday of not. The club management usually congratulates us and presents flowers.

- You spent a year in Poland playing for Polkowice. Do they celebrate an International Women's Day the way we do in Russia?

- Yes, I think. It is an international holiday and all women all over the world get congratulations, flowers, and presents. I think it is nice tradition. I love this holiday.

- Do you get congratulations from your fans?

- Yes, I get a lot of congratulations, many people write sms. Most of the time I get many good words, but not presents. We do not see our fans this day because it is a holiday and a day-off and we do not have games to see our fans.

- What kind of presents do you get from your family members and friends?

- Flowers and candies most of the time. Sometimes I also get congratulations and cards. -What are the best gifts the ladies might get?

- I think small complements aimed to make the lady happy work the best. It is all about the attention and there is no need to make some kind of epic gifts.

- What are not the best gift?

- Well, it is a good idea to keep away from shower gels or shampoos, this kind of staff. In my opinion, it is boring. In addition, there is always some kind of trick in these gifts. Sometimes we can be very suspicious and when we get shower gels, we start thinking about why we get it and what is the point.

It is twice a pleasure to get gifts from men

- Do you remember the most unusual present that you ever got?

- It is a hard question. I cannot answered it right now. Well, maybe it was candies with poor taste….

- Did you make presents for your mom when you were young? What was it?

- I remember that I bought her small figures. I also made postcard for her with my own hands. I enjoyed making something on my own, loved to glue paper or make something from clay…

- Is it ok when a woman congratulates other women?

- When a woman gets congratulation from men it is twice a bigger pleasure rather when girls congratulate each other. It is the day when ladies must be congratulated by men, family members for example like brothers or Dad.

- Do you celebrate March 8 in the team? Do you get together and go out?

- No. I have not heard about it. However, I cannot say it for sure; maybe girls will come up with some kind of ideas and announce it later. For now, we are not going to have celebrations because on March 8, we are coming back to Ekaterinburg after an important match and everybody will be tired after a long flight. I do not remember that in the past years we had any kind of special celebrations. Usually we had trainings this day and had no time for fun.

- Do you make gifts to each other?

- No. However, it is good idea. I can present candies to the whole team and can become the first one to do it. We normally do not do it. There are many girls in the team and in case if you make a gift to everyone it is going to be too expansive and probably make no sense. The Birthday is an absolutely different case. When you have a Birthday, everyone congratulates you and you get many different presents. March 8 is not the case.

It is good when you get comments from your boyfriend

- Lets discuss some personal issues. No secret that sportsmen have a tough schedule. Is there free time for something else rather than sport?

- Yes, the life rhythm is intense. We have many trainings prior to important games that will come soon, that is why there is always a lot of work. However, we have time for personal life, because after trainings we have free time.

- I know that you have a boyfriend. How often do you see him?

- Unfortunately we see each other once in a while. It is a big event when we meet once in a month for a couple of days. We live in different cities. Both of us are from Moscow, but now he lives in Saint Petersburg, while I play here in Ekaterinburg.

- You boyfriend also plays basketball. Do you discuss game moments, mistakes in your or his performance on court?

- Yes, we talk about the game. For example, he makes comments in case I make some kind of mistakes, moved the wrong way or something else. However, he also gives me credit and encourages me. Sometime we examine the game moments together. Sometimes I get angry. Many get angry when hear the truth in their face. Nevertheless, it is a great pleasure to have someone who supports and helps me.

- Do you visit each other’s’ games?

- He watches all my games on-line on the Internet. In case we had an opportunity no doubt that we would come to support each other on court.

-Did you ask him for some specific gift?

- No, I did not. It is supposed to be a surprise. As for me it I up to a man to invent surprises. However, I am sure that I will get flowers. I love flowers that is why it will make me happy.

By: Irina Demekhina
From: AiF Ural

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