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29.11.17 | UMMC celebrated the Captain’s birthday by defeating Famila Schio

Competing in stage six of the EuroLeague Women group round UMMC took down Famila Schio in Ekaterinburg. The fourth European win turned into an excellent present for UMMC Captain Olga Arteshina who was celebrating her anniversary few days before the match.

UMMC Ekaterinburg – Famila Schio Italy 64:50
Quarters’ results: 15-14, 15-8, 12-15, 22-13

UMMC center Brittney Griner once again showed her efficiency by gathering 24 points and 8 boards. Elena Beglova and Emma Meesseman finished with 10 points to their name. Alba Torrens was also hugely impressive with 9 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals.

Famila Schio guard Francesca Dotto gathered 11 points for the visiting side.

Famila Schio guard Raffaella Masciadri:

- We played the game we wanted besides Isabelle Yacoubou fouls. She got 3 fouls and our game changed a lot. We fight in the game and we tried to be aggressive. We did the most we could.

Famila Schio Head Coach Pierre Vincent:

- It is hard to play a game with just one center. We have a good starting five, but only one center and we got in trouble when our center scored 3 fouls in the beginning. Therefore, we did not have enough weapon to fight. Nevertheless, I am more or less satisfied the way we played tonight.

UMMC guard Elena Beglova:

- The game tonight was very important for us and we seriously got ready for it. I think we did great in both offense and defense, played a good team game. We had few losses and showed good field goal percentage. Now we have to move forward and get ready for the next matches.

UMMC Head Coach Olaf Lange:

- I like that we win and I am happy about the result. It was an important group game. The game we could not loose. We are still miles away from our best form on both ends so I cannot get too excited, we just have to continue to get better. There were few good signs, especially offensively. Brittney Griner was good, especially in the second half. Sanders and Meesseman showed some good things too. However, I do not get too excited and we still must get better.

- What game episode turned into a breaking point for UMMC? Famila was close to even the chances, but UMMC was strong enough to defeat the Italian team. Was it a triple by Elena Beglova?

- It was not about Beglova’s three-pointer. At some point, we went to switching pick-n-rolls and they had no idea how to counteract. We were able to stop them and made a transition from defense to offense. Then the made a couple of good shots and 3 points by Beglova was one of them.

- Tonight Diana Taurasi did not score. However, she was effective in defense. Is it a new challenge for the team?

- Taurasi did a couple of good things too. She showed a solid defense moved the ball and moved to the right spots. Her game IQ is very high. She obviously not in her best form. She is coming back from two muscle injury. She had a difficult start of the season, but she is Dianna Taurasi and she will be fine soon.

After six matches, UMMC moves on with 4 wins and ranks third in EuroLeague Group B standings.

The final match of the first stage of the EuroLeague group round will take place on December 6 in Ekaterinburg when our team is going to face BLMA from France. Meanwhile on December 2 our team is having the next Premier-League game at home against Nadezhda Orenburg. The match will be played at DIVS Arena and start at 17:00. OTV channel will broadcast the game live.

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