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13.11.17 | DUSSH UMMC-Junior team of girls born in 2003 won traditional Olympic Champion Irina Minkh tournament

Youth Sports School (DUSSH) UMMC-Junior team of girls born in 2003 guided by Natalia Ivanovna Gerasimova won traditional 11th basketball tournament in honor of Olympic Champion Irina Minkh.

The competition took place from November 10 to 12 in Cherepanovo. 7 teams from Novosibirsk region and Altai krai participated in the tournament.

Our «young» Foxes showed confidence and true dedication while facing the opponents and ended up with 100 percent success.

DUSSH UMMC-Junior team games’ results

DUSSH UMMC-Junior (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) – DUSSH-5 (Novosibirsk) 50:27

Novosibirsk area team – DUSSH UMMC-Junior (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) 23:78

Barnaul - DUSSH UMMC-Junior (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) 44:88

DUSSH UMMC-Junior (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) – DUSSH «Istok» (Novosibirsk) 63:40

Final standings

1. DUSSH UMMC-Junior (Verkhnyaya Pyshma)
2. DUSSH «Istok» (Novosibirsk)
3. Barnaul
4. Iskiteam
5. DUSSH-5 (Novosibirsk)
6. Novosibirsk area team
7. Cherepanovo

Olympic Champions of 1992, Honored Masters of Sports Irina Minkh, Irina Sumnikova, Elena Shvaybovich and Elena Khydashova awarded the Winners of the tournament with medals, cups and prizes.

Photo: http://dinamovki.ru/

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