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13.11.17 | Olaf Lange: I enjoy working with the Russian national team

Russian national team swept Albania and it became the first success for Russian national team Head Coach in his new status.

Russian national team Head Coach Olaf Lange:

- I am glad the way the team worked in defense. We worked hard during the training session to improve our defense, rebounds, transition in attacks and it all worked out great tonight. There were few mistakes; however, I enjoyed the game, well maybe except the second period. The team has great chemistry, the attitude is high, ladies play well together, feel each other on court. Therefore, for now we are glad and move on, get ready for the match against Lithuania. 

- How did you feel leading the team for the first time in an official Russian national team match?

- It was a special moment. All players came together in a circle before the match and had «Russia» written on their uniform with all those Russian coaches and staff around…It was truly inspiring! I am thankful. During the year, I had an opportunity to work with the Australian national team and now I work with the Russian team. It is great. I am glad that our team finally got down to work: the players follow our instructions and provide us with necessary feedback. I enjoy working with the Russian national team and I hope together we will keep on moving toward success.

- In spite that the team has other rookies what do you think about Zavialova and Leshkovtseva?

- Both played great. Vika was controlling the game pace and worked great in offense for the 19-year old player. Anna made right decisions, moved fast and knew well when it was time to shoot, worked well in offense from the long distance. I liked both. I am sure during the year and a half while we play in the EuroBasket 2019 Qualification period they will become an important part of the team. Now we need to keep on moving on.

From: RFB

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