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10.10.17 | UMMC will study Nadezhda’s experience how to get visas for the USA players

Moscow October 10, R-sport. Oleg Bogatov. BC UMMC management will carefully examine the situation that happened to Nedezhda Orenburg in order to take care about visas to Turkey for the American players told BC UMMC Director Maxim Ryabkov.

On Tuesday, Nadezhda had to go to Istanbul in order to play the EuroLeague Women match against Fenerbahche without American players who were denied visas by the Turkish side. On October 25, UMMC is having a EuroLeague game against Yakin Dogu. Meanwhile there are 3 Americans on the UMMC’s roster: guards Diana Taurasi and Deanna Nolan (the latter one has the Russian passport) and center Brittney Griner.

BC UMMC Director Maxim Ryabkov:

-We are carefully examining the situation that happened to Nadezhda and try to figure out their problem and their experience. We are in touch with FIBA and we will do our best to work out the strategy and gain support of both FIBA and the host side in order to avoid any kind on incidents. In case it happens all the matches in Turkey will be under the threat of failure.

For now, we have no fears about the match in Turkey. Therefore, we will study what is going on. If any team, no matter where it comes from, will face these kind of problems then it might put the games in Turkey in jeopardy of cancellation.

On Sunday, USA Embassy announced that it suspended all non-immigrant visa services for travel in all diplomatic missions in Turkey. Turkey retaliated through its embassy in Washington, issuing a statement that mirrors the one released by the United States imposing tit-for-tat measures and suspending the processing of visas in its embassy and consulate in the USA.

From: R-Sport

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