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04.04.17 | UMMC Cup results

Today DIVS Sport Hall min arena hosted the UMMC Cup Finals among the students of the 7th-8th grades attending Ekaterinburg schools. The Final round matched were broadcasted live on the YouTube channel.

This year over 100 teams of students from both Ekaterinburg and Verkhnyaya Pyshma schools competed for the BC UMMC Cup titles. Only the strongest ones were able to make it to the Final.

This year girls’ team from gymnasium №99 once again won the UMMC Cup Winner title and for the third time over past 3 years proved their high class. This time boys’ team from school №140 was strong enough to win the title after they prevailed in a tough rematch against the last year winners from gymnasium №99. 

UMMC Cup Final standings

1. Gymnasium № 99 (Ordzhonikidze district)
2. School № 21 (Chkalov district)
3. School № 7 (Oktyabrsky district)

1. School № 140 (Lenin district)
2. Gymnasium № 99 (Ordzhonikidze district)
3. Lyceum № 180 (Chkalov district)

Spanish national team forward and one of the UMMC team leaders Alba Torrens, Belgium national team and UMMC center Emma Meesseman accompanied by UMMC Head Coach Olaf Lange, BC UMMC Director Maxim Ryabkov and UMMC coach Sandy Brondello awarded the students with cups and medals. Head of the Department of Education of Ekaterinburg city Administration Tatiana Gennadyevna Kudinova congratulated the winners on their great achievements.

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