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08.12.18 UMMC at home overpowered Nadezhda
05.12.18 UMMC defeated Bourges Basket on the road
02.12.18 UMMC on the road breeze past Enisey
28.11.18 UMMC beat the Czech Champion in Ekaterinburg
27.11.18 UMMC Cup district round winners were awarded with prizes and titles
27.11.18 Congratulations
25.11.18 UMMC competing in Ekaterinburg crushed MBA Moscow
21.11.18 UMMC players helped Russian national team to advance to the EuroBasket 2019 from top position
20.11.18 Evgenia Belyakova: «The match against Hungary will be tough. It is great»
18.11.18 Maria Vadeeva: «When I score in a row I want to do it more»
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